June 23, 2020

I wanted to write today about something that is helpful and easy.  That is the concept of Keeping It Simple.  The time we live in right now seems very complex and with that comes confusion.  With confusion comes extra thinking and trying to figure things out.  With that comes stress and sometimes anxiety.  So I would like to invite you to adapt the concept of Keeping It Simple.


Keep your mind where your hands are. Are you focusing on the task at hand or are you projecting yourself into the future of “what if’s”?  When we are focused on the task at hand we have control of what we are doing.  We can see the task from start to finish and have a sense of accomplishment.  When we connect to what we are doing in the moment, our brains can relax and have a sense of connection with our bodies.  A simple way to stay connected to the task at hand is to continue to say what you are doing.  “I’m washing the dishes”, “I’m riding my bike”, “I’m driving my car and watching the road”.  When you do this notice how your body relaxes.



Include quiet time in your day.  If things are slow for you now, take 10 minutes a day just to breathe in and out and notice your body relaxing.  If you’re busy, take 5 minutes to write a gratitude list. A simple practice of noticing is cumulative and will get stronger each time you do it until one day you realize that you count on it.



Stop reaching for things outside of yourself you can’t control.  Are you watching too much news and mentally giving an argument to each thing you disagree with?  Are you weighing in on social media and trying to sway people to your side? Are you arguing with a family member about current social issues in the name of intelligent conversation.  Slow it down or stop all together.  When you do, notice how much less stress you will have in your mind and body.  Notice what else is available to you.  



My wish is that this gives you some simple easy tools to help you in your life right now.  



If you notice you, or someone you care about, needs help resolving anxiety or getting clear on a path forward please reach out or forward this email.  I am a certified IEMT practitioner which is an amazing tool for diminishing anxiety and changing your self image.


I can work with you over Zoom, FaceTime or Skype

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