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Is Coaching Right for you?

Here's how you know:

  • You want to change something in your life, like a relationship, a job, or your lifestyle.

  • Anxiety and Stress are blocking you from moving forward

  • You have a problem you can't seem to solve and its affecting your life

  • Difficulties from the past keep resurfacing and stopping your progress in life

  • You feel limiting beliefs are holding you back from what you really want in life

  • When a relationship is off track and you need clarity and confidence to make changes in yourself to do what's right for you

  • When you're uncertain about your future goals and dreams and want a clear path on how to get there.

If any of these are showing up in your life, then a Solution Focused Personal Development Coach is right for you!


As a Personal Development Coach I understand the principles of personal transformation. I help people define a clear vision for their life and use transformative tools to guide them in achieving this vision.  A Personal Development Coach empowers their client to be the best they can be. Coaching is a comfortable partnership between the client and the coach working together to achieve the clients desired results.


In a typical coaching session, I will use powerful questioning, IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Technique) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), change techniques to help the client clarify what they want, remove blocks to getting it and increase calmness, confidence and self awareness. Coaching increases the clients personal power and identifies the path to get the results they want. The client and I can meet over the internet with Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or other platforms, in person or a combination of both. And because coaching is a cumulative process, the coach and client will work together by booking multiple sessions in a row, usually weekly, so a vision is set and momentum is carried through to results. Clients come to the session prepared to work on the areas of their life they would like to transform and master.

If you are ready to start transforming your life into the life you always dreamed of, then Coaching is for you. Contact me today and we can get started.


"A new way of believing will create a new way of living."


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